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We often have fun things going on at the Pirate Haus, and in St Augustine! That’s what makes us a great tourist destination.

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7 days ago

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Terry Rae GambleArgggh!7 days ago

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1 month ago

More telemarketing fun.....
Telemarketer: Hello, is Conrad there?
Me: Ahhh..... He is but, he isn't.....
Telemarketer: Well is he there, and unavailable or what????
Me: You will need a ouija board to communicate... He is here in our hearts....
*Phone hangs up*
I thought it was a good response....
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1 month ago

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Gale GallagerSo using that with next telemarketer!1 month ago

Mike Ferrarimaybe the pancakes can help ?1 month ago

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Click here for St. Augustine area based events and activities! Year round, there’s always something going on in town.